Aris Hines

Trainer and Curriculum Developer, Global Scholar

Aris Hines (He/Him) is an Explorer, Artist, and Activist. As an African and Native American identifying facilitator, Aris continues to build on his five-year background in community and youth development. He has an AA in Theatre Arts from the Community College of Baltimore County and a BS in Theatre Studies, Film & Media, and Women’s Studies from Towson University. As a Theatre Teaching Artist, Aris has focused all of his work on youth, children, and families from underrepresented communities. A recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer and a certified TEFL/TESL instructor, Mr. Hines has taught and tutored English as a Second Language to students in the Philippines. His work as a Facilitator has also allowed him to train participants on topics such as global citizenship, project management, college readiness, and sexual health. Mr. Hines has taught students from the United States, South Korea, Morocco, Japan, and Africa. When not working in the field of education, Aris writes for MTV and New York’s Broadway. Aris is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Education and Filipino Cultural Studies at George Washington University.