We’re Capturing the State of Global Youth

Is the youth voice heard around our greatest challenges? Do young leaders have the support they want to grow into the leaders we need? Let’s discuss the STATE OF GLOBAL YOUTH!

The State of Global Youth Report will tackle these big questions, and more. We are capturing the values, priorities, skills, and needs of youth. It will serve as both a statement on youth priorities today, as well as a call-to-action for youth leaders and those who support them. And true to our mission, it will be implemented by youth.

We’re exploring the issues youth care about the most, and how they believe change can happen. We’re discussing how youth are engaged in decision making processes, and how they want to be. We’re mapping the skills and experiences youth want, to be the leaders we need. And we’re envisioning what the future of education, work, and relationships.

It’s a big job, but we’re up for the challenge. And we need your help. Here are some ways you can get involved →

If you’re a young person ages 15-23:

  • SOUND OFF online. Join youth from around the world to share your thoughts online! This form takes about 10 minutes., and your responses will be kept totally anonymous.
  • SOUND OFF by video. Help us get the conversation started by sharing your short reflections on one of our key questions.
  • Share your CREATIVE VISION via the Creative Design Challenge! Four winners will receive a $400 prize, and be featured in the final State of Global Youth Report!

As our thanks to all contributors, we’ll either mail you an AMP Global Youth sticker sheet or donate $5 to the Global Scholar Scholarship Fund, to help young leaders access valuable leadership workshops.

If you’re an educator, or work with youth: 

  • SOUND OFF online.
  • Share your wisdom via a short interview with one of our youth researchers. We’d love to hear your experience and ideas for supporting youth. Indicate your interest in a short call here.
  • Host a State of Global Youth discussion. This is a great opportunity for a club, class, or other gathering of youth to get deep on some of our biggest questions. Email us at SOGY@AMPGlobalYouth.org

More on why we’re doing this work: This is the 20th anniversary year for AMP Global Youth. Founded by students at Yale after 9/11, since our earliest days we have been a champion of amplifying the youth voice around our greatest global challenges. While that broad mission endures, the interests, values and connections of youth have evolved significantly. To mark this milestone in our work, and position ourselves for our most impactful decade yet, we are taking stock of this moment, youth priorities, and our opportunity to amplify the next generation of young global leaders.

We can’t wait to hear all that you have to say! If you have any questions on how to get involved, feel free to reach out to us at globalscholar@aidemocracy.org.


How to get involved

Join us! There are many ways to get involved

If you’re age 15-24, share your thoughts via the Sound Off here: or on Instagram (@AMPGlobalYouth).

If you’re someone who works with youth, and/or on global issues, civic engagement, or related topics, and would like to share your thoughts please contact us here: SOGY@AMPGlobalYouth.org

If you’re a teacher or organization and would like to bring one of the State of Global Youth topics or conversations to your class, we’d love to support you! We have discussion guides and tips to help. Contact us at SOGY@AMPGlobalYouth.org

If you’re a partner, funder, and/or anyone else interested in this conversation, reach out! We’d love to discuss opportunities and overlaps. Contact us at SOGY@AMPGlobalYouth.org

How youth are leading this work:

The State of Global Youth Report will serve as both a statement on youth priorities today, as well as a call-to-action for our work and community moving forward. And true to our mission, it will be implemented by youth who are:

– Leading research, including online conversations and interviews
– Compiling data and distilling findings
– Designing and launching the final products

The Time is Now

There is no time to waste in tackling the greatest challenges facing us today, from intolerance to climate change.

Youth Have Power

Youth are the bold and visionary leaders we need to transform our world. No other generation has the fresh perspective and untapped creativity of youth.

We Must Act

Every moment is an opportunity to expand our understanding, work with others to craft solutions, and engage our world. Everything matters.

State of Global Youth Highlights

Sound Off

Through online spaces and conversations, we are engaging youth around how they’re involved now, skills they need, and pathways for change,.

Tune In

Through individual and group conversations with youth leaders and experts, we are diving deep.

Art Challenge

We’re opening the creative conversation too, capturing the unique vision of youth artists on these questions.