The Global Scholar experience has three pillars:

  1. Exploring what it means to be a global citizen. We believe that being a global citizen includes both striving to understand global issues, and taking action to address them. The experience starts with deep thinking about how we can show up, speak out, and get involved, with the assumption that we all have a role to play in designing our shared future.
  2. Understanding the greatest global challenges facing our generation. Global Scholars take a deep dive into the greatest global challenges facing us today through seminars with experts working on the front lines of these issues. We’ll explore: climate change; the global economy and inequality; global security; immigration and refugees; human rights, including the rights of women, LGBTQ+ and indigenous peoples; and key challenges facing youth including access to education and unemployment. We also unpack the global system and key actors including the United Nations, the G8, the World Bank, corporations, foundations, civil society, social movements, and of course: youth!
  3. Building skills to be bold and visionary leaders. This is the glue to the Global Scholar experience. Our Action Lab workshop series offers Scholars the tools, space and support to explore what it means to be a leader, build skills to engage others around issues they care about, and expand their skill set for taking action, whether through engaging a decision maker, organizing an event, launching a campaign or social enterprise, and more. Scholars put these skills into practice through daily challenges and a final project, and have access to ongoing coaching and small-grant funding to support that project throughout the coming year.

Our programs prioritize:

    • Seminars with experts
    • Small group discussions
    • Interactive workshops that emphasize hands-on activities, critical thinking, and problem solving
    • Building lifelong learning skills including the importance of reflection, dialogue, self-care, and creative expression

Check out these summer 2024 highlights!

Summer 2024 Power Up Virtual Global Workshops! Sun June 23, Mon July 15, Mon July 29
We’re excited to offer our summer 2024 Global Scholars bonus workshop days! We are convening three virtual, global Power Up Workshops this summer, bringing together youth from around the world to network, learn from youth leaders, and dream big about the power of the youth voice. This will be a great opportunity to meet Global Scholars from other sessions (and around the world). The first workshop, on June 23, will highlight the work of Brazilian youth movements around climate change. These are free additional workshops, and not required as part of your main program.

Announcing the Global Youth Visionaries in Residence!
Our program always prioritizes learning from youth experts, and this summer we’re excited to announce the first of our Youth Visionaries in Residence: Eduarda Zoghbi! Currently serving as a Climate and Energy Specialist at the Climate Investment Funds, Eduarda acts as a focal point for the G20 meetings to strengthen partnership toward the just energy transition. She serves as a Board Member at Student Energy, a Member of the Intergenerational Council of the Latin American Energy Transition Lab, an Advisor to UNDP’s energy governance working group, and has been recognized as a Brazil Forbes Under 30. Eduarda will be joining us to discuss her work on climate and energy, as well as her wisdom around organizing youth, and her tips on pursuing a global career.

State of Global Youth Report: Launch and Action Planning this Summer
We are so excited to launch the first edition of our State of Global Youth Report this July! Led by youth researchers (and Global Scholar alums) in the US, Pakistan, Mongolia, Syria, Morocco, and Tanzania, the report explores what issues youth care about the most, how they are being involved in addressing them, and skills and supports they need. This summer, all Global Scholars will have the option to help craft the Action Plan, which puts the Report’s recommendations into motion for youth leaders, organizations and allies. They’ll also have the chance to sign up for the State of Global Youth Report: 2025 team!

Fall 2024 Alumni Programming
On that note, we also want to highlight our amazing alumni community. In addition to opportunities like writing the State of Global Youth Report, we offer year-round leadership roles for alums. For example, three alums are helping with outreach for this summer’s programs. Five more are returning as Peer Mentors or Training Fellows this summer. Two are leading our virtual spring workshop series. And all are welcome to join us for monthly coaching and community calls throughout the fall, as well as our winter and summer reunions. We truly believe Global Scholar is just the beginning of a lifetime of connection.

Option for 2 Sessions, and Montgomery and Selma, AL!
Please note that this summer’s sessions can be linked together, for Scholars looking for a longer experience. And a reminder that our fourth in-person session is heading to Montgomery and Selma, Alabama, and centered around the movement for civil rights in the United States, and how we can apply that work to our leadership today. Site visits will include: the Legacy Museum and National Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, and key sites in Selma including the National Voting Rights Museum. We will explore the connection between slavery and current issues including mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline. Our workshops will focus on how to apply these lessons to our work as youth leaders and changemakers in our communities. Please reach out if you’re interested in joining this special experience!


Key Program Elements

Explore Global Issues

Explore global issues with experts. We offer unparalleled access to leaders and places where decisions get made.

Build Skills

We offer skills that cannot be gained elsewhere, which you can immediately apply to your work and life.

Launch Global Careers

Our approach gives you the knowledge skills you need to become global citizens and leaders.

Explore global issues with experts.

Joye Braun, Community Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network
Ambassador Makeda Antoine-Cambridge, Ambassador to the UN
Michael Breen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Human Rights First
Marie Claire Kaberamanzi, Refugee & Malala Fund Representative
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, 9th District of New York Representative
Priscila Rodríguez, Associate Director for Advocacy, Disability Rights International
Jonathon Price, Director for International Partners, Aspen Institute
Dr. Josh Sharfstein, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Build skills to be a bold and visionary global leader.

Build inspiring friendships.

Explore Washington, D.C.

Hear from our Scholars and staff!