2020 Election Fellow

Fairooz is one of AMP’s Election Fellows, working to educate and mobilize youth on the power of voting. Interested in social justice, youth development, international affairs, language, and education, she strives to inspire change in others and lead action through social media and videos. She previously interned as a Global Scholar, where she explored urgent global challenges with experts, attended Action Lab workshops for advanced training, and collaborated with peers to launch projects around critical global issues. Fairooz is very passionate about traveling, drawing, and advocating for an equitable political system. As a language fanatic, she has learned how to speak Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, English, and Bengali, and is currently a freshman at City College tackling Mandarin Chinese, enabling her to reach a vast audience, open her to new individuals and their stories, and allowing her to enlighten the world on what true beauty really means: diversity.