Fay Gibb

Fay Gibb is living in Houston, Texas, but has previously lived internationally in Paris. As a 2020 graduating senior, she runs varsity cross country and track and is an officer in the World Affairs Club, a co-president in the Environmental Awareness Society, and the Advertising and Marketing Editor for the school yearbook. Fay plans to major in international relations while she attends university, and volunteer for the PeaceCorps after she graduates.

My biggest takeaway from the Global Scholar Program was to think of how an issue initially started, and work to solve it from there. There is never a singular, set and stone answer to something. There will be sacrifice going into making a big change, but you have to decide if it is worth it.

I’d recommend the AMP Global Youth Program because this program will teach you so many lessons and provide for you many opportunities. For me, this program made me realize how everything in this world is connected, and I was able to meet countless important figures in the international relations field. Everyone you will meet is passionate about the same issues you are, and to be able to work together and discuss world issues with like-minded students is incredible.