Student Facilitator, Global Scholar

Sahana is a Malaysian activist who is passionate about politics, youth empowerment, and the Sustainable Development Goals. She is the Founder of Project All For All: a youth-led nonprofit empowering young people to participate in civic engagement, through which she has reached thousands of people from close to 100 countries.

Sahana is also the Chair of Amnesty International Malaysia’s Youth Committee, an organizer of the 2021 Action for Climate Empowerment Youth Forum, and a recipient of the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award. She has worked on seven Congressional campaigns and political fellowships, taught several classes on policy-making and lobbying, and spoken at events like the UNFCCC Bonn Intersessionals and the UNDP Regional Dialogue on Youth Empowerment In Climate Actions. In her spare time, Sahana loves (re)watching The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.