Walid R.

I am Walid, I’m 16 and I qualify myself as being a Moroccan activist. I was raised in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco and I learnt how to live in a society full of inequalities. Well, since my young age I knew that I wanted to make a change in this world but I also said that I have to live my age. I’m too young for it and that’s okay. I’m quite a simple person. I’m a huge fan of nautical activities and I’m also a huge fan of different cultures. I’m such a sociable person. I love to talk and to give advice, to talk about life in general. I’m also very close to my family they mean everything to me. and I’m still a person to build. I’m still trying to find my way and all of those experiences that I’m taking part in are a way to help me to define myself. To talk about my professional experiences, I took part to the Harvard Model UN, it shaped my way to talk in public and to understand global challenges. I was part of the AMP Global Scholar COVID-19 Edition, I am a rider ambassador of JustWorld International and I founded an eco-friendly company called “EcoCase”.