Yena Lin

I’m Yena, a senior in HS from northern New Jersey. Some of my hobbies include playing piano & clarinet, going on hikes with my dog, and listening to music — I honestly cannot go anywhere without my earbuds. I’m a huge enthusiast when it comes to the social sciences (sociology, psychology, political science, economics), so I was able to further these interests through international relations at AMP since it covers all these areas. In college, I hope to pursue sociology with a concentration in law & justice, and AMP made me realize that I would love to join an NGO one day.

I believe that the biggest global challenge youth face today is our battle with mental health. Many develop mental illnesses as a result of increasing societal pressure and standards, but the stigma makes the youth afraid to speak up and receive the help they need.

My biggest takeaway from Global Scholar was the describe-your-shoe activity. It made me realize how easy it is to see the world in terms of myself and my own experiences. But in reality, everything/everyone is part of larger systems, and it is important to be more conscious of them.

Through AMP, I have gained so much knowledge not from lectures in a typical classroom setting but from interactive discussions and in-person meetings with various officials. This hands-on experience allowed me to be fully immersed within the international and political atmosphere of D.C. I was also able to build professional relationships and many valuable friendships with peers.