1. Go Far (feat. Will Heard) by Rudimental — This song is basically made to inspire travel and change.  The artists talk about how many places there are to go, and how many people there are in the world to meet. It’s important to travel and to encounter new cultures and ways of life than what you’re used to. Every day is a chance to go out and experience new things. Like the song says, “Go far, spread love.”

2. Colors by Genevieve —  For me, I am my own worst enemy. And, I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to. Often times doubt keeps us from embracing who we are, or from going out and exploring the world.Listening to this song encourages me to take charge of my life.

3. B.I.G. by X Ambassadors — When I’m feeling ready for whatever is going to happen next in my life, this is the song I listen to. The music makes me want to run ten miles or hike a mountain.

4. Afraid by No Wyld (some strong language) — This song touches on several things that give me anxiety, like regret and being scared of making the wrong decision. But, sometimes in order to make progress or change, we have to embrace the possibility that we might lose, and we cannot let that scare us from trying.

5. Something’s Gonna Happen by Ivory Layne — The second I start listening to this song, I imagine fresh air and sunshine. It reminds me to look around and realize how beautiful every day is, and how much possibility is in it. Around the halfway point the song slows down slightly, and then it begins to build until the music hits you.

6. Third Eye by Florence + the Machine — Listening to anything by Florence + the Machine inspires me to go out into the world and do something. To dance, to meet new people. This song is one of my favorites because of the lines, “You don’t have to be a ghost here amongst the living. You are flesh and blood!” I think that is something important for everyone to remember.

7. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding — I first heard this song on one of the Girls promos, and fell in love with it. I love the build up to the chorus, and — like Florence’s Third Eye — this song makes me want to dance. It fills me with the belief that yes, anything could happen, and gives me this great independent vibe.

8. Afterlife by Ingrid Michaelson — This song is great for when I need a little reassurance, and a reminder that I can conquer all of my problems.

I hope these songs will inspire you to find ways to make changes in the world, and to travel!

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