The Global Scholar team is committed to supporting your change making however works best for you. This summer, Global Scholars have the option to join us online or in-person, for intensive 10 day experiences or shorter 3 day workshops. Don’t sit this summer out! The world desperately needs your bold and creative energy. Scroll down for a quick summary of programs and dates.

Summer 2021 Global Scholar Programs

Global Scholar Intensive: 10 days. Virtual.
Session 1: June 27-July 9
Session 3: July 11-July 23
Fee: $1180-$1750*
We run a fantastic virtual program, and will once again bring the live conversations, powerful workshops, small group bonding, and social events to our virtual Global Scholar experience. Scholars joining the virtual program sign up for either a 9am-3pm ET or 12pm ET – 6pm ET track. Every day begins with a group meeting, followed by an issue seminar with a global expert and/or a training workshop. Most days Scholars also meet with their breakout group of 6-9 students, led by one of our skilled facilitators. While Scholars might have the occasional evening reflection assignment, more often they’re joining virtual social events hosted by our alumni. Last year’s events included virtual dance party, quiz night, campfire, and more. (One of the 2020 campfires lasted an impressive 13 hours, with Scholars from the UK, US and Africa chatting into the wee hours of the morning.) The virtual program kicks off on a Sunday, but otherwise meets Monday-Friday (other than the opening day, Scholars have weekends off.)

Global Scholar Intensive: 10 days. Blended (Week 1 is Virtual; Week 2 is in Washington, D.C.)
Session 2: June 27-July 10
Session 4: July 11-July 24
Fee: $2235-$2750*
Scholars participating in our blended experience participate in 6 days of virtual programming and 5 days of in-person programming in Washington, D.C. The virtual experience is the same as described above. Our in-person program is based at American University, which offers comfortable dorms, tasty food, and a green and pleasant campus. We are in close touch with the University about safety measures for the summer, which at this point are projected to include: mandatory mask wearing in all public spaces; single rooms for all guests; and modified dining programs to limit group size in any one facility. Please note that our travel around Washington, D.C. may also be somewhat restricted, depending on health advisories at the time of the program. We will continue to share updates on the in-person program and expectations as we know more.

Global Scholar: Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls
Meets on June 27, July 11, July 25 and August 8. Virtual
Fee: $495-$654*

This summer we’re excited to offer our first multi-generational program, focusing on one of the greatest and most enduring challenges of our day: advancing the rights of women and girls. We invite high school youth and an elder (parent, mentor, other!) to join us to: Explore framing concepts including: the human rights framework, the evolution of modern feminism, gender justice, and more. We’ll also take a deep dive into three hallmark issues for the women’s rights movement: workplace justice, including equal pay; reproductive rights; and access to education. We’ll also build powerful skills for engaging peers and communities around advancing the rights of women and girls. Find out more here.

Global Scholar: Leadership Top Up
Session 1 (ages 13-17): August 9-11
Session 2 (ages 18-22): August 13-15
Fee: $495-$654*

Join us to turn up your skills to organize, plan and lead change. We’re offering sessions for both high school and college students this August, in time to ramp up for the 2021-22 academic year. This fast-paced intensive experience focuses on these essential skill sets for young leaders: building community, being a visionary leader, strategizing for change, and self-awareness and self-care.

Global Scholar: Arts and Social Change
July 31-August 1
Fee: $135
Join us for this special opportunity to connect with the visionary, visceral, emotional, and sometimes unspoken side of our work as youth leaders. Designed for artists and non-artists alike, this workshop will help you connect with the ‘why’ of your work, and build new skills to make it happen.

Participants in all of our programs will be invited to additional training and coaching opportunities throughout the 2021-22 academic year, as well as our Power Up Conference in Washington DC in February, 2022.


We are committed to ensuring as many students as possible can benefit from this life-changing experience. Our “pay what you can” model makes this valuable experience as accessible as possible for families. Please review suggested fees below. All fees can be made via our payment page here.

Tier 1 fees: These reflect our real cost for running the program. We suggest this rate if your net family income is over $150,000 annually.
Tier 2 fees:
This is a discounted rate appropriate for families earning less than $149,999 net annually.
Tier 3 fees:
If your family earns below $65,000 annually and you are unable to pay the Tier 2 fee, we invite you to apply for one of our Global Scholarships, which provide partial or full tuition support for qualified applicants.

Please contact us with any questions about payment tiers, and/or if there are any extenuating circumstances we should know about which would affect your ability to pay the cost suggested for your tier. Please also note that the majority of scholarships we offer each year are for partial tuition support.

2021 Programs and Tiered Fees:
Global Scholar Intensive: Virtual. Tier 1: $1750. Tier 2: $1180. Tier 3: Contact us.
Global Scholar Intensive: Blended Virtual and In Person. Tier 1: $2750. Tier 2: $2235. Tier 3: Contact us.
Global Scholar: Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls. Tier 1: $654. Tier 2: $495. Tier 3: Contact us.
Global Scholar: Leadership Top Up. Tier 1: $654. Tier 2: $495. Tier 3: Contact us.
Global Scholar: Arts and Social Change. $135. Contact us for scholarship information.


Do more, save more!
Sign up for a 5 day and a 3 day program for $1495 (Tier 1) or $1058 (Tier 2)
Sign up for a 10 day and a 3 day program for $2249 (Tier 1) or $1590 (Tier 2)

Bring a friend!
When you and a friend both sign up for a program, we’ll give both of you a discount of $100 (10 day programs) or $50 (5 day or 3 day program)

Welcome back, alums!
Alumni of our Global Scholar programs are enthusiastically welcomed back into a new program with a 25% discount off the full program fee.

Contact us at any time with questions:


Please pay your registration fee within two weeks of acceptance to hold your spot in one of our programs. We will fill in the spring, and cannot hold spots for unconfirmed participants. Final payment is due by May 1. We are happy to discuss payment plans, and/or the pricing tiers if you’re not sure where you fall. Remember all fees can be made via our payment page here.


You can switch programs at no cost through May 15.

Please be advised of our cancellation policy below:
We work hard to keep costs low and to provide a valuable program that is competitive with similar offerings, so we ask for your understanding to respect our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

If you cancel within 30 days of the start date of your Global Scholar session, you won’t receive a refund. If you cancel within 60 days but more than 30 days to the start date of your Global Scholar, you will receive a refund of 50% of the amount you’ve paid, excluding your non-refundable Application Fee.

If we are forced to cancel in-person programming, any student who has been accepted to an in-person program is welcome to switch to a virtual session, or receive a full refund of any fees paid.

Space at our courses is limited, and we have to reserve student housing and vendors well in advance. As a result, our ability to provide refunds is limited strictly to these timetables. We understand that few can afford to pay for a program that they can’t attend, so we strongly encourage you to consider our refund policy when making future plans and to plan carefully.