Are you a visionary youth leader with experience to share? Or do you know one? AMP Global Youth is accepting nominations for Global Youth Visionaries who exemplify the creative, bold and visionary leadership of youth tackling our greatest global challenges. Visionaries can be leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, mobilizers, organizers, or anyone else doing work that inspires or uplifts the power of youth.

Visionaries will receive $250 for their work, be featured on the AMP Global Youth website and social media, and share their experience directly with our youth network (via video recording and video chat). They should represent youth, but there are no lower or upper age limits.

The process: Nominations will be reviewed and visionary selected in spring 2021. Reach out with questions:

Nominate a Global Youth Visionary!

  • Who are you nominating? (You can nominate yourself or someone you admire)
  • Why are you nominating this person to be a Global Youth Visionary? Please share why they inspire you, what they do, and how they're an example for others. If possible include links to relevant websites / social media / examples of their work / etc.
  • What is their contact info? Please share email and phone number so we can get in touch if they're selected.
  • What are their social media handles?
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