Is the youth voice heard around our greatest challenges? Do young leaders have the support they want to grow into the leaders we need? Let’s discuss!

The State of Global Youth Report will tackle these big questions, and more. We are capturing the values, priorities, skills, and needs of youth. It will serve as both a statement on youth priorities today, as well as a call-to-action for youth leaders and those who support them. And true to our mission, it will be implemented by youth.

We’re exploring the issues youth care about the most, and how they believe change can happen. We’re discussing how youth are engaged in decision making processes, and how they want to be. We’re mapping the skills and experiences youth want, to be the leaders we need. And we’re envisioning what the future of education, work, and relationships.

It’s a big job, but we’re up for the challenge. And we need your help. Join us to SOUND OFF about the big issues, how youth are being heard, and what youth need. Here’s how:

Here’s how to Sound Off on the State of Global Youth: 

  • SOUND OFF online. Share your thoughts online! This form asks for your quick reflections and enduring priorities around the big questions we’re exploring. It should take about 10 minutes to complete. Your responses will be kept totally anonymous, and join those of hundreds of youth from around the world contributing to this conversation.
  • SOUND OFF by video. Help us get the conversation started by sharing your short reflections on one of our key questions.
How to submit a VIDEO.

Sound Off! Contributors answer one of the following questions, below, via video. These will be used to share the unique perspective and insights of youth on social media.

Questions you can choose from:

  • Are youth voices being heard on global issues?
  • What would be different if youth were more involved in decisions around our greatest challenges?
  • What life skills do you value most? And what do you think parents and teachers value most?
  • What should the future of education look like? For example, where, how, what, and with whom should we be learning?
  • What should our workplaces and economy look like? For example, where and how will people work? What will drive our economy? How should youth be involved?
  • What should our relationships and social spaces look like? For example, where and how will we connect? What is most meaningful? etc.

Your contribution will be used to spark and inspire conversations among youth participating in this project from around the globe. Your clip may be used individually, or as part of a compilation. We may also extract screenshots or text quotes.

Contributors will receive a $5 gift card, and a State of Global Youth Report sticker sheet!

Interested? Complete this short form to get started, and we’ll be in touch to confirm your topic and the details.

Sound Off Filming Tips

Length: 1-3 minutes, depending on platform. We’ll share these on both Instagram and Tiktok.

Orientation: Vertical.

Filming Tips: 

  • Be sure to share who you are, and give a clear intro onto your response.  i.e. “I’m Sara from Ohio. Here’s what I think about …”
  • Make sure your sound and lighting are strong. Scroll down for tips on both.

Sharing: When you’ve finished recording, 

  • Upload your file to this folder using this naming convention: YourName_SOGYSoundOff.
  • Send a short email to

General Tips for filming video: 

It is essential that your video has good sound and lighting to make it usable. The AMP team reserves the right to ask you to refilm if it is not. Here are some additional tips:

  • Outline your goals: Why do I want to tell this story? What is my angle?
  • Think about your audience: Who will be watching this video? Who is the intended audience? Why will they care about this story?
  • Break down the problem into clear and straightforward language. ONe tip: present your thoughts as a countdown, or numbered points. For example “Three reasons why I like dogs. First: Dogs are great. Etc.”
  • Speak directly to your audience! Feel free to pose questions, it’s good to engage with them!
  • Focus on your one single topic point – a lot of issues are interwoven with other issues but focus on addressing your topic of choice

Other ways to get involved in the State of Global Youth Report

  • Share your CREATIVE VISION via the Creative Design Challenge! Four winners will receive a $400 prize, and be featured in the final State of Global Youth Report!

If you’re an educator, or work with youth: 

  • Share your wisdom via a short interview with one of our youth researchers. We’d love to hear your experience and ideas for supporting youth. Indicate your interest in a short call here.
  • Host a State of Global Youth discussion. This is a great opportunity for a club, class, or other gathering of youth to get deep on some of our biggest questions. Email us at

The final State of Global Youth Report Findings will be launched in Fall 2023!