Turn up your leadership and change making skills.

Global Scholar Leadership Top Up. August 2021, Virtual.

Global Scholar prepares youth to be visionary leaders and bold changemakers around urgent global challenges.

The Time is Now

There is no time to waste in tackling the greatest challenges facing us today, from intolerance to climate change.

Youth Have Power

Youth are the bold and visionary leaders we need to transform our world. No other generation has the fresh perspective and untapped creativity of youth.

We Must Act

Every moment is an opportunity to expand our understanding, work with others to craft solutions, and engage our world. Everything matters.

Bold and visionary leaders are needed now more than ever. Youth are leading the charge around climate change, student debt relief, racial justice, and so much more. Whether you’re active in your school or a global campaign, your voice and energy are urgently needed.

Join us to turn up your skills to organize, plan and lead change. We’re offering sessions for both high school and college students this August, in time to ramp up for the 2021-22 academic year.

This fast-paced intensive experience focuses on these essential skill sets for young leaders:

  • Building community. The best ideas in the world go nowhere without a strong network of support. We’ll start by exploring tactics for building relationships, teams, and movements. You’ll gain concrete skills for recruiting members, building a strong team, and growing a dynamic network and movement that can ride the waves of whatever comes your way.
  • Being a visionary leader. Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made. You’ll explore skills for setting a bold vision, articulating the importance of your cause, and inspiring people to be part of the work. We’ll also practice public speaking, and engaging the media.
  • Strategizing for change. In addition to having a strong community and bold vision, you need the skills to craft an impactful plan that works. We’ll explore strategic planning, evaluation, and fundraising. You’ll leave with concrete templates you can immediately use in your work.
  • Self-awareness and self-care. Leaders know how to give their all, in a way that doesn’t burn them out. We’ll frame all of the work above through important conversations around our positionality, power, and privilege. We’ll also discuss strategies for avoiding burn out, for yourself and for your team.

All participants will be invited to monthly coaching calls throughout the 2021-22 academic year, too, so we can continue to support each other as we’re doing the work. Join us!


Who is this program for?

We’re offering sessions for both high school (ages 13-17) and college (ages 18-22) students. The session runs August 9-11. Applicants should be, or aspire to be, leaders in their schools or communities, in any way. This could mean serving in a formal role, and/or just being someone who is passionate about engaging their peers around social issues. You do not need a minimum number of years or depth of experience; you’ll benefit from this experience whether you’re a newer or more seasoned leader. The biggest quality we look for in applicants is curiosity and dedication to impacting their world.

Where will this program take place?

This three-day program will take place online. Days will involve interactive workshops, followed by small group conversations and “challenges” (applied assignments).  We’ll have social events, games, and some pre-recorded content too. We’re typically online for 4 to 5 hours per day, with lots of breaks. Participants will be broken into small cohorts they’ll work with throughout the program, and stay in close touch with over the coming year via occasional check-ins. AMP Global Youth has been designing and delivering exciting online workshops for many years, and we’re incredibly good at what we do. You’re sure to connect, learn, and have lots of fun. Read student testimonials from our 2020 virtual Global Scholar program here.



We know this has been an incredibly difficult year for many families financially. As a non-profit organization, our goal is to reach as many youth as possible with this life-changing experience. Our “pay what you can” model suggests a program rate based on your income, with an aggressive commitment to ensuring that as many participants as possible are able to join us regardless of their ability to pay for this experience. Click here for program rates.

  • Tier 1: $654. This reflects our real cost for running the program. We suggest this rate if your net family income is over $150,000 annually.
  • Tier 2: $495. This is a discounted rate appropriate for families earning between $65,001-149,999 net income annually.
  • Tier 3: Contact us. If your family earns below $65,000 annually and you are unable to pay the Tier 2 fee listed above, we invite you to apply for one of our Global Scholarships, which provide partial or full tuition support for qualified applicants.

Please contact us if you’re not sure where you fall, and/or to discuss any special circumstances or payment options.

After attending Global Scholar, I now feel better prepared to make a positive impact on not only my community but the world. Global Scholar was a really wonderful program that opened my eyes to different ways to make change and think about the systems that make up our world.

After attending Global Scholar, I now feel better prepared to make a positive impact on not only my community but the world.

It’s such a great experience. If you are or are not into international affairs, you will go back home with such confidence, with all the knowledge you had acquired through this intense program. It will build your confidence in so many ways, such as public speaking, being inclusive, teamwork, support and so much!

Global Scholar was a really wonderful program that opened my eyes to different ways to make change and think about the systems that make up our world.

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