Our popular flagship program GLOBAL SCHOLAR is back on the ground in DC and online this summer, based at American and Georgetown Universities. While we spend our whole year planning and preparing for this incredible experience, spring is one of our favorite times as we get to meet and greet our newest class, and prepare the speakers and skills trainings that make this program so unique.

Here’s an overview of what’s in store this summer:

Two-week intensives:

  • June 25-July 7, American University, Washington, DC
  • July 17-July 29, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

One- week programs:

  • June 26-July 1: Online
  • July 9-14: Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Who this program is for: We welcome Scholars from around the world entering grades 9-12 (roughly ages 13-17). Our programs are conducted in English.

When you should apply: We accept Scholars on an ongoing basis, and our programs usually fill by the spring. Our Early Bird Deadline is April 5.

What makes us stand out: So many things. Here’s an initial list:

  • We focus not just on learning, but on doing. No other program offers the robust skills training we do. Scholars also launch a project or campaign on an issue they care about during the program.
  • We meet not just with experts, but with youth leaders doing the work. We place a special focus on uplifting the work incredible young leaders are doing around the world. You will meet and learn with inspiring peers throughout the experience.
  • We center around building your skills, connection, and comfort as a young global leader. This program is about finding your people and your voice. We know that by finding this purpose and grounding, you’ll go forward to do great things in our world.
  • We are not a business. This is a smaller point, but worth saying. We are not a big business looking to charge you and your parents exorbitant sums to participate. We are a nonprofit organizations founded by students at Yale after 9/11, and charge what we need to cover our costs. That’s it. In 2022, over 50% of participants received financial aid to participate, totaling almost $50,000.

Find more information below, and here’s the link to start your application.

Global Scholar prepares youth to be visionary leaders and bold changemakers around urgent global challenges. Global Scholar offers a unique curriculum that combines intimate policy seminars with powerful skills training you won’t get anywhere else. This gives Global Scholars the robust knowledge, deep self-awareness, and marketable skills they need to become the successful students, citizens, leaders, change makers, and professionals we need to address our greatest global challenges and build a brighter, more sustainable future. Global Scholars:

  • Learn from experts working on the front lines of global challenges
  • Build powerful skills for leading transformative action through fast-paced workshops
  • Apply all we’ve learned through daily challenges and final group projects, which we launch during the program. Because there’s no time to waste!

Learn about global challenges from the experts:

Global Scholars explore global issues including security, poverty, climate change, refugees, immigration, global health, and human rights through seminars with experts working in government, think tanks, non-profit organizations, academia and more. Scholars also meet with embassies and Senate offices. Recent speakers include:

Joye Braun, Indigenous Environmental Network * Vincent Defourny, UNESCO Geneva Liaison * Ambassador Liberata Mulamula * Representative Yvette Clarke (NY-9) * Dr. Josh Sharfstein, Bloomberg School of Public Health * Jonathon Price, Aspen Institute * Dr. Maria Neira, World Health Organization * Michael Breen, Human Rights First * Ambassador Makeda Antoine-Cambridge * Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education

Participate in cutting-edge Action Lab training workshops:

Our signature Action Lab is the only place where young global leaders will build tools for transformative action around issues they care about. Through fast-paced workshops, Scholars explore their identity, build skills to engage, understand, and interact with others; and strengthen their ability to plan and lead change. These skills are put right into practice through daily challenges and small group projects Scholars launch during the program.

Help articulate the unique vision and demands of our generation through the State of Global Youth Report: 

This year, Global Scholars will be invited to play a key role in crafting the State of Global Youth interactive report, which will articulate the unique vision and demands of youth around our greatest global challenges. They will work alongside youth from across the US and around the world to share the perspectives of youth, and articulate the future they believe can be. All Global Scholars will be invited to choose between drafting a project to launch back home, or supporting the State of Global Youth Report, as their final project. Those supporting the State of Global Youth Report will be listed as contributors on the final product, launching in fall 2023.

Take the next steps towards a career in international affairs: 

A highlight of the Global Scholar experience is discovering careers, schools and opportunities in international affairs, through career panels, career mapping, and conversations with professionals working in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, as well as representatives from scholarship, fellowship, and study abroad programs. We also tour local universities.

And of course, we have lots of time to explore Washington, D.C. and build inspiring friendships with peers equally motivated to pursue leadership opportunities and careers in public and international affairs.

Welcome to the AMP Global Youth Family!

Together we are building a movement of powerful global leaders. The Global Scholar experience is one step on that journey. Alumni can continue building skills and making an impact through year-round opportunities including virtual trainings, leadership positions in the AMP Global Youth network, and the chance to win small grant funding for projects or campaigns. Over 100,000 youth have participated in our programs since we were founded by students at Yale after 9/11, and our alumni have gone on to lead student organizations; work for international organizations, the UN, the State Department and more; participate in prestigious gap year and language programs; and enroll at top institutions like Harvard, Columbia, Yale and the University of Chicago. Most importantly, they’ve developed a good sense of how they can have an impact on issues they care about, and launched their careers with a firm sense of purpose and strong set of skills to succeed.

Find out more and apply now: www.GlobalScholar.org